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General Information

Firefighting and emergency medical services (EMS) involves extremely strenuous and skilled physical work as well as the ability to cope with emergency life and death situations. Both firefighting and EMS service require the highest levels of physical condition and mental alertness at all times. Nunda Rural Fire Protection District positions include Paid on Premise, Paid On-Call and Apprentice. 


All members of the Nunda Rural Fire Protection District are required to maintain their fire/EMS competencies through both internal and external training programs. Applicants must attend department trainings and meetings conducted on a regular basis. During the first year, each new member will be placed on probation. During the probation year, you are required to obtain Firefighter Basic and/or EMT-B certifications if they have not already been obtained. 

  1. Must be a legal resident of the United States of America

  2. Must be fluent in the English language

  3. Must be at least 18 years of age

  4. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent

  5. Must have a current, valid driver's license

  6. Must not have been convicted of a felony 

Applications must be printed and delivered to the station. Emailed applications will not be accepted. 
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